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Aroma Company was founded by food technologists since 1999 to bring into being great light products enabling everyone to enjoy the sweetness of life and keep up in best shape and to give overweight sufferers some sweet time.

At Aroma, we have redefined the concept of wholesale ingredient distribution. We have partnered with some of the most reputable and innovative ingredient manufacturers in the world to put together an incredible line of healthy, natural, and functional ingredients. The best part is that we know how to use them.
Our sales force is technically trained on all of our ingredients and they are chock full of ideas on how you can make your food or beverage product better. Add to that our extraordinary customer service and you have an ingredient distributor unlike any other. Give us a call and let us change the way you think about your ingredient supplier.

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To see how Aroma Ingredients can help you find the right ingredient for success, CONTACT US .
We'll be glad to send you product specification sheets or answer any questions or comments you might have. You can always count on AROMA GROUP to provide excellent customer service along with top-quality ingredients.

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Aroma Group Zahle - Industrial City, Lebanon